Diwylliant Cymru Rhyngwladol Welsh Culture International has been one of my most passionate interests for almost twenty years now.

As a Cultural Anthropologist who through much intense university research in Göttingen, Germany, and in Cardiff learnt about the Welsh Culture in historic terms and the contemporary culture. I have research knowledge in this matter and practical experience.

I taught myself the Welsh language, and I now have been a fluent speaker for ten years. I have lived in Cardiff Aberystwyth and in Machynlleth. I have attended the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol for the whole week over ten times, set up international art exhibitions from Wales and about Wales, belonged to the Cardiff German society, twice I edited Yr Angor in Aberystwyth, have done 13 episodes for a Welsh cultural podcast in German, worked in Sain Ffagan for a long while and wrote my MA thesis about this open-air museum in English for Goettingen University. I worked for the Archives Network Wales at the National Library of Wales for over three years. Wales 2.0 has been a great challenge for me!

I have seen the debate on promoting the Welsh Culture on the Welsh stage in November in the National Assembly of Wales in Cardiff. I agree with Janice Gregory, Labour, Ogmore, who stated that the arts landscape in Wales sometimes seems a cluttered one. Culture brings the tourists to Wales. Culture helps the economy. I listened to Alun Cairns and Bethan Jenkins who also said that there is a lot of work to be done. Menna Richards talked about collaboration. This is often not the case. The marketing of it internationally is not good.

I know many international contacts who would be useful in the attempt with the Welsh reputation. My friend Carys Pugh D'Auria is promoting Cardiff abroad - Cardiff & Co. However, my means are limited.